RMIT Game Design

Interactive Digital Media Project – July 2009 – October 2013

Supervision of final year game projects.

Narrative and Communication – July 2012 – October 2013

Course design, delivery, and assessment covering story structure, craft, and game design.

RMIT Games Program

Ludo-narrative Dissonance

Games have always had their ludic & narrative elements in tension, but as technology has become more sophisticated and as the grammar of video games has extended beyond the constraints of the non-digital, new forms of bringing the two together have emerged.

This talk looks at the intersection of the ludic & the narrative, at where dissonance occurs, and at where the two are thematically & practically in balance.

RMIT Games Program

Moment to Moment gameplay

Designing a game is more about what the player does than what the player is. This session takes a look at some of the fundamentals in designing what the game’s verbs are, creating sequences of action and reaction, facilitating player choice, handling feedback, and providing audio-visual stimuli – all in the service of gameplay over story.

The Emerging Writers’ Festival…(& podcasts, interviews, and reviews…)

The Emerging Writers’ Festival just launched their program, so it’s time for the obligatory spruiking blog-post.

I’m running a 2-hour writing for games workshop with Express Media on May 22nd from 2-4.  Details here.  I’m going to cover the key similarities and differences between games & more traditional media and how to approach the process of games writing.

I’ll also be on the panel ‘Never Surrender’ on May 29th at 1:45.

Never surrender
Writing isn’t all about success stories! Join our writers as they speak candidly about rejection, creative risk-taking and projects that took ten years from creation to publication. Why do they stick with it, and is it all worth it in the end?
With — Paul Callaghan, Elizabeth Campbell, Sean Condon and Dee White. Hosted by Simonne Michelle-Wells.

And 20 minutes before the program launch, I was interviewed for the Arts Alive program about my experiences with the festival and why I think it’s a Good Thing(tm).  (Summary: Writers > Readers for inspiration!)

Thanks to Lisa Dempster, I was at last month’s Format Festival in Adelaide talking about writing & technology on the Non-Paper Publishing panel.  One of the other speakers, Estelle Tang, recently interviewed me about games writing for the Kill Your Darlings podcast.  You can listen to it here.

And lastly, I reviewed The Pleasures of Computer Gaming for RMIT‘s Second Nature Journal.  You can read that review here.

RMIT Games Program

Mechanics and Narrative

Lecture on symbolism and grammar and how that can be applied to traditional media and games.