Pause Fest

Systems as Art

Presentation – Video. Interview

The aim of any art form is to create and communicate experience – and games are no different. Paul Callaghan talks about the restrictions games face in creating these experience and how looking at other creative forms can inspire and inform our exploration of systems as art.

Melbourne International Animation Festival

Animation and Games

All gaming is animation but not all animation is gaming. The influences gaming has on auteur, indie animation are vast, pervasive (perhaps insidious) and fascinating. The ‘look’ of many short animated films obviously owes much to elements of gaming but perhaps less obvious are the cultural and narrative cross-pollinations such as the increasingly brittle relationship we have with words like ‘reality’ and ‘friend’. Using a collection of films from competition as examples, this talk will explore the soaring visions, the conceptual gymnastics and even the cultural toxins with which gaming irrigates the animation artform.

Emerging Writers’ Festival

Business of Being a Writer

Finding work, filing tax, managing deadlines, sending invoices… welcome to the life of a writer. We know how confusing it can be trying to navigate the business side of creativity so we’ve designed this special masterclass to give you the tools and confidence to work as a writer.

With five sessions, two inspiring keynote addresses, handouts, and plenty of time for questions, we’ll help you navigate the business of being a writer. Sessions will cover:

  • Business & legals – from getting an ABN to sorting out tax and insurance
  • Getting the money in – setting rates, how to invoice and managing tax flow
  • Process & organisation – juggling projects, time management and good work practices
  • Relationships – maintaining good relationships, finding work and support networks
  • Marketing & self-promotion – how to get your name out there and keep it out there