Swinburne University

Games Course

Presentation on evolutions in industry and independent development.

Swinburne Games Program

Australian Development and the Freeplay Festival

A rambling history of the changing shape of Australian game development, its evolution from a technology industry to a creative industry, and the place of the Freeplay Independent Games Festival in all of those changes.


The What, Why, and How of being a Games Writer

Exploring a winding career path, what a games writer actually does, why I moved from a technical role into a more creative one, how I made those decisions, and the future of Australian development.


The Need for Games Literacy

Presentation – slides & transcript

As videogames establish themselves as a dominant artform of the 21st century and other industries begin to explore their possibility in serious games, gamification, and games for change, the need for games literacy becomes greater than ever. In a world where not everybody means you well, what does that literacy look like and how can we begin the process of cultivating it in ourselves and the next generation of players?

Swinburne University

Writing for Games

Presentation on emerging creative opportunities for games writers including locative and pervasive games and technology.

eLearning Breakfast

Videogames and the real world

Description: In a very short time, videogames have become both a cultural and economic powerhouse, but the defining feature of their emergence isn’t necessarily that more people are engaged in their creation & consumption, it is that more people than at any other point in our history are thinking seriously about play. Drawing from his experience as a writer, designer, and teacher on projects ranging from locative storytelling to AAA console blockbusters, Paul Callaghan will explore and highlight some of the ways to engage with videogames and play, as well as highlighting some of the challenges and issues found in the rush to adopt game mechanics into the real world.


Game Development

Presentation – prezi

Presented to the Bachelor of Illustration, this talk looks at the history of game development, my career, and the current state and future of Australian game development.

VITTA Conference

Career Forum

Representatives from University, TAFE and industry will speak about new opportunities for people to access a range of cutting-edge careers. To better inform young people about the wide range of options available to them in ICT, course information for students will be explored as well as future pathways in the study of IT where jobs are growing rapidly in the ICT sector. ICT skills now are required by the full spectrum of private and public sectors, from banking, healthcare, law, telecommunications, education, transport, manufacturing, tourism, mining, environmental management, digital media to fashion design.

Keynote Presentation: Looking beyond the Digital

The most exciting thing about the emergence of video games isn’t the advances in technology or the establishment of a new art-form, it’s the simple fact that more people than at any other time in our history are thinking about the fundamentals of play and how to apply that to the world that we live in.

Starting from traditional literacy and numeracy, this session will take a meandering tour through how games and play are influencing city-planning, household chores, exploration, community, art, culture, social change, and of course learning and teaching – with the aim of hopefully showing that rather than destroying the world, games are helping to make it a better place.