Swinburne Games Program

Australian Development and the Freeplay Festival

A rambling history of the changing shape of Australian game development, its evolution from a technology industry to a creative industry, and the place of the Freeplay Independent Games Festival in all of those changes.


The What, Why, and How of being a Games Writer

Exploring a winding career path, what a games writer actually does, why I moved from a technical role into a more creative one, how I made those decisions, and the future of Australian development.


The Need for Games Literacy

Presentation – slides & transcript

As videogames establish themselves as a dominant artform of the 21st century and other industries begin to explore their possibility in serious games, gamification, and games for change, the need for games literacy becomes greater than ever. In a world where not everybody means you well, what does that literacy look like and how can we begin the process of cultivating it in ourselves and the next generation of players?

Computer Games Boot Camp

Past, Present, and Future

Casting an eye back into the past of videogame development and then on to the future to try and predict how things will evolve over the next year, 3 years, and 5 years for developers and players.

Screen Futures

Teaching Games and Games Literacy –

Presentation – Slideshare

While videogames sit firmly in the limelight, there is a whole world of games out there that are more accessible, more easily read, and which teach tangible skills that can feed into digital games and interactive development.

Drawing from a recent Department of Education and Early Childhood Development research project into teaching games and games literacy, this session will look at games and design from physical and pervasive games, board games, improvisation, experimentation, and design exercises with the aim of separating out the creative skills from the technical and providing a base to support greater games literacy in the classroom – whether or not the final outcome is a digital game or something else.

Melbourne International Animation Festival

Animation and Games

All gaming is animation but not all animation is gaming. The influences gaming has on auteur, indie animation are vast, pervasive (perhaps insidious) and fascinating. The ‘look’ of many short animated films obviously owes much to elements of gaming but perhaps less obvious are the cultural and narrative cross-pollinations such as the increasingly brittle relationship we have with words like ‘reality’ and ‘friend’. Using a collection of films from competition as examples, this talk will explore the soaring visions, the conceptual gymnastics and even the cultural toxins with which gaming irrigates the animation artform.

Continuum Pop Culture Convention

Panel – Computer Games & Storytelling

Which games do it well, which games do it badly and how much is it necessary (or even desireable) in a computer game anyway? Paul Callaghan, Ben McKenzie, Sam Mellor, Kirsty Sculler