Sunshine - 2013

Programming & Game Design

Developed with Pachinko Pictures in support of LA Game Space

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Part of Experimental Game Pack 01.

Senior Prom - 2012

Game Design

Social game designed in collaboration with Pop Up Playground, played at This is a Door.

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Photos by Robert Reid, Sarah Walker and Rob Young


Unreleased 2K Marin / Canberra Title - 2010


Systemic dialogue on unreleased PS3 & XBox 360 for 2K Marin / Canberra.

Unreleased Infinite Interactive Puzzle Game - 2009

Writing & Narrative Design

Unreleased puzzle title for Infinite Interactive.

Unreleased BBC License - 2005

Game design & Writing

Pre-production for IR Gurus in conjunction with BBC Worldwide & production team.