Melbourne Writers’ Festival - September 9, 2012

Stories & Systems

Panel discussion on games and storytelling with Dan Golding, Christy Dena, and Alison Croggon.

Hub Melbourne - August 31, 2012

Game Design and Culture

A look at games, culture, and Melbourne, through the lens of the upcoming 2012 Freeplay Independent Games Festival

NMIT - August 28, 2012

Careers in game development

VITTA Conference - August 6, 2012

Why games in education is about more than just skills – and why gamification isn’t the answer.

Videogames are an attractive addition to education practice, whether through serious games, development, or the emergence of gamification. However, all of these endeavours ignore the cultural value and resonsnce of games in favour of their superficially playful and persuasive properties. In this session, Paul Callaghan, designer of the game development strand of the recent DEECD game baed learning trials and the director of the Freeplay Independent Games Festival which explores the intersection of games, art, and culture will explore why there’s more to games than what they ask you to do.

Game Masters - June 28, 2012

Games and Cultural Spaces

Presentation – slides, podcast

Explore the challenges of creating a cultural framework for exhibiting and programming videogames, and the role of institutions and festivals in showcasing and defining the cannon of the gaming industry. Panel includes Conrad Bodman (ACMI), Paul Callaghan (Freeplay), Linda Pitt (State Library of QLD) and Ricardo Peach (Australia Council’s Inter-Arts). Chaired by freelance games writer, Leena van Deventer.

In Conversation with Warren Spector


Join Warren Spector, master of role playing game design, as he explores the ideas that have changed the gaming industry.

Spector is known for creating influential titles such as System Shock, Deus Ex, Ultima Underworld and Thief: The Dark Project. His most recent release, Epic Mickey, has been hailed as the embodiment of his renowned philosophy on videogame design.

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to hear from an industry legend, who has irrefutably influenced videogame theory and design.

Flexing the Story Muscle


Tim Schafer (Founder and Director of Double Fine Productions) will explore the importance of story in games, providing insights into his creative process and leadership. Facilitated by Paul Callaghan (Freeplay).

Industry Session – Where to from here?

Discussing the themes of the 2 day forum.

Victorian PLN - June 5, 2012

Games in Education

Presentation on games as tools for education, as well as teaching – and the need for – greater cultural and critical literacy of games.

Balwyn Library - May 23, 2012

Human Library

Students and the vocationally-curious are invited to come along to Balwyn Library on Wednesday 23 May and borrow the time of six individuals working in different industries.

Cengage Learning Innovation Event - May 10, 2012

Technology. Networks. People

Presentation on three strands of evolution and innovation in game development.

Swinburne University - April 16, 2012

Games Course

Presentation on evolutions in industry and independent development.

Adelaide Writers’ Week - March 3, 2012

Books, Movies, TV, Games

We live in a world where our stories are increasingly found, not only in books, but on screens. Doctor Who and playwright Robert Shearman (UK) and games designer Paul Callaghan (UK/AUS) discuss narrative across platforms including books, movies, and games – some of the many places we see story in action

On and Off the Page

Increasingly our most compelling stories are being told on film, on television and in video games. Genre fiction rules in the bookshops, the cinemas, and, with L.A.Noire, in gameland. This session brings together novelist Megan Abbott (Die a Little), games designer Paul Callaghan and Robert Shearman (Doctor Who) to discuss the differences between writing for the page and the screen.